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The Bees' Decree


Chapter 2! New Seed Early March! Test your survival skills on the Bees' Decree! to copy IP
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Welcome to the Bees' Decree! We would like to invite competent and responsible players to the hive. We are a laidback modded server that is open world with no progression schedule. Play at your own pace and do as thou wilt.


:scroll: We live by The Bees' Decree :scroll: 24/7 modded casual server looking to invite mature, competent & responsible players to join the hive! Laidback and reliable moderation. Play at your own pace: As fast or as slow as you want. Server rewards to help you get started. Lots of weapons and custom armors to craft. Tame daring creatures to pull your carts or fight your battles! Many different mods to utilize but don't take The Bees' world lightly, your survival skills will be challenged. Every biome is populated, pick your gear wisely in order to survive in this wild and restless world. Follow the bees with an MMO style spawn area for buying and selling goods. Stumble upon clues and unravel the mysteries of the bees through interactive points of interest. `EZ Mod Pack Install - Simple Whitelisting - Server Characters`

About the Server

The Bees Decree exist for one simple reason. To put server based game play back in the hands of the player. After beeing an admin and moderating on other servers The Bees decided there needed to BEE a new style of server available for players. The Bees do not believe in arbitrary server rules or overextending oversite. We believe that players who are responsible, respectful and competent should be free to do as thou wilt. Hence the birth of The Bees Decree, a progressionless and gateless server. Also the answer to your burning question. I use to beekeep. YW :D & thanks for checking us out, see you on discord!

About the Staff

We're all cool :P

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A little quite but its a newer server so... but its been enjoyable. Big plus is that server admin have been very nice and helpful.

Dec 10, 2021
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