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The Bees' Decree


Be as free as the bees! Come and enjoy the bees' laidback modded server. to copy IP
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Welcome to the Bees' Decree! We are looking to fill the hive with competent and responsible players. Come enjoy a laidback modded server that is open world with no progression schedule. Play at your own pace and do as thou wilt, whilst others.


24/7 Dedicate Server. The bees like first class, so we run a private high speed dedicate server &&& dedicate test server for smooth flying. Open World In contrast to many other servers the entire flat earth is OPEN for players to enjoy. No gates kept. Mistlands, Ashlands & Deep North all fully functional with aggressive ecosystems'. Progress at Your Own Pace We have no progression calendar; the procedural generator is hot and its ready. Nature can be beautiful and brutal. You will find a healthy mix of vanilla elements/mechanics on world to help lend to a more immersive playthrough. Privacy We will leave you bee. Bee respectable, bee respected. This is not 1984. Laidback and Lax server guidelines. The bees do not believe in arbitrary oversight. EZ Mod Pack installation! Click, unzip, drag and drop. Simple whitelisting. No applications here, you are innocent until proven guilty. Sounds like the bees knees?

About the Server

The Bees Decree exist for one simple reason. To put server based game play back in the hands of the player. After admin and moderating on other server the Bees decided there needed to BEE a new style of server available for players. The Bees do not believe in arbitrary server rules or overextending oversite. We believe that players who are responsible, respectful and competent should be free to do as thou wilt. Hence the birth of The Bees Decree, a progressionless and gateless server. Can your survive there? Can you kill it? Just do it! Also the answer to your burning question. I use to beekeep. YW :D & thanks for checking us out, see you on discord!

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