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Valstraya Servers, Serving the Australian, New Zealand, Oceania Regions

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Welcome to Valstraya Servers! We welcome all Australian, New Zealand, and neighbouring regions to join us! We offer you a friendly, chilled & relaxed experience on our vanilla server(s), no stress no worries atmosphere, with our mature only community (21+ years or older). So join us Today!


Valstrya servers offers alot of features, while most them work quitely in the background you won't notice them. Australian Based Server hosted in a Sydney data centre Dedicated Server Available 24/7, except for updates Vanilla Experience, thats right no mods! Secured Whitelisted Server, for the best experience Multiple Backup Systems, incase things go awry Friendly Mature Community (21+ years & over Only) PvE Focused, while we do events from time to time. We are currently running 2 servers for Hearth & Home, with a possible 3rd for Modded server eary october (Waiting for mod authors to update their mods)

About the Server

Valstraya servers was founded on Feb 18th 2021. While we have had a name change since then, we have offered a better service, going from a open server to a whitelisted accessed based community, things have improved dramatically. We also have moved on from bad performing server hardware to much better hardware so that our community can enjoy valheim together for the best possible experience. Our community formed its own likes and dislikes, and eventually into a matured community for adults, that like other friendly players that like to play and relax and just chill, and even build mega projects. We hope in the future that we can contiune evolving into a better community and even better features and server performance, to make our community one of the best Australian, New Zealand and neighbouring regions out there to come.

About the Staff

Energritz is the Owner of Valstraya servers but labels himself as an admin. Everything is done by him, the valheim server, the discord, and anything else that helps keep the community running nicely. Energritz also does staff member work, providing others help if needed, if unavailable our staff will catch on to it. Patrol, or porir as some call him is a our current resident Staff member. They provide support to our community if anyone needs help. They are easy going and even provide some entertainment to our community from time to time.

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Freindly people, extremely well organised and automated discord server, sensible rules.

Sep 23, 2021

Great people, active, and always willing to help. Some fantastic builders as well.

Sep 23, 2021

Awesome server with great folks. The server admin is always quick to respond to any problem or question you may have.

Sep 23, 2021

Server seems alright. Little downtime, daily resets, no lag.

Sep 23, 2021

good server good community rep+

Sep 23, 2021

Good fun on this server, got a few people online still, despite the slow going of the game currently. Great mixture of players enjoying different aspe ...

Click to see more Aug 10, 2021
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