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We are a custom-modded server that emphasizes fun over everything. to copy IP
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Welcome to Tyrenheim! We are a community that is just starting out. We have a handful of very active admins that make sure everyone’s Valheim experience is the best one we can provide. Joining is as easy as clicking on the Discord link and following the instructions.


We are mainly a PvE server, with of course dedicated places for PvP. We love having builders in our server, as they provide inspiration to everyone. We have a merchant guild where players act as traders for all the goods in the game by trading with gold coins. We want the server to reflect our community, and that changes with the awesome people within it; this is why we are looking for new members to join us! Join the discord for the IP, Password and more information!

About the Server

Tyrenheim’s first and most important objective is having a server free from cheaters or griefers. With a strong anti-cheat, and nearly exhaustive logs, we can pinpoint almost any event that has happened in the server. Currently we have the server set to allow 128 simultaneous players; this is expected to grow as our community does.

About the Staff

We have a handful of very active admins who make sure that everyone is having fun; that is their primary goal. On occasion our staff will hold special events, from markets to competitions! When all is quiet, the staff are making interesting POIs for players to find and ever settle on!

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