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Jotunheim is an intimate community of players seeking to enjoy Valheim together!

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Jotunheim is a big whitelist-only dedicated server with a friendly, helpful, and active community. We welcome new players and veterans alike. The main goal is to provide a Vanilla experience without fear of griefing or cheaters. You'll be amazed what you find, check out our features below!


Having been around since the beginning of Valheim, and being run by a software engineer who works in the video game industry, we have many amazing features: - High end dedicated server hardware - Up to 100 simultaneous players - Extensive backups and logs - Server-side custom-built anti-cheat mods - Custom-built admin mods capable of restoring bases from backups - No rollbacks required - Player-Run Guilds (including a Merchant's Guild) - PvP Arenas (including a massive colosseum) - PvE Custom Dungeon Dives - Regenerating resources & dungeons - Large-scale community events (check out our Flea Market!) - Incredible community builds - Active staff that will protect you and your builds no matter what

About the Server

Originally, the server was created because my friends stopped playing on our private server, and I wanted to play with others as the game isn't as fun solo. At the time, there weren't many good public server options. Before I knew it, it grew into a huge community! As the main goal is to provide a Vanilla experience, the staff and the community go extremely far out of their way to make sure everyone has as pleasant an experience as possible. Having trouble? Just ask in-game or on the discord server and someone is bound to help you out. We have a public dock filled with Karve boats for players to explore and get away from the starter island where resources are scarce. We currently have over 600 active players on our server and growing every day! There are always people online, so if you’re ever unsure just reach out in-game or on discord. The community largely drives server innovation. Join us and see what it's like! Join the discord for the IP, Password and more information!

About the Staff

Jotunheim is operated by Odin (AKA StoopWaffle). Odin is a software engineer in the game industry whose passion for video games and software led him to accidentally creating a big Valheim community. All of the custom mods created for the server are hand crafted by Odin himself. This includes the Jotun-Bot discord bot, server-side mods, and admin tools. The rest of the staff was built from involved community members who wanted to volunteer their efforts. It is thanks to them that this community thrives and it would not exist without them. We are all super friendly and will not hesitate to help you with any issue, no matter how small. All of this work is done for free and our main goal is to make sure that players like you have fun. Do not be afraid to ask for help!

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Hi Adventurers. Ive been playing in this server for the last week and im lovin it! Very active and friendly staff and community. Cool variety of pve/p ...

Click to see more Nov 10, 2022

Spent approximately 2-3 hours searching for open land to build on, with no success even after using the server portals to teleport to various islands. ...

Click to see more Oct 24, 2022

Unless you are playing solo the lag is unbearable, and anytime you bring it up to those in charge they try to blame the game or peer to peer connectio ...

Click to see more May 7, 2022

I absolutely adore this server. The mods are great, and the rules are clear. 10 stars.

Feb 7, 2022

Hard to get staff to help with certain issues. (large list of issues). Too much hassle with anti-cheat protection and hard to uninstall without help. ...

Click to see more Jan 30, 2022

Great server and staff. Minimal downtime and lag, anti-grief protection even with such a large, friendly community.

Jan 17, 2022

Fun server, well run and many fun events to keep players interested!

Nov 10, 2021

Amazing experience with all the different people and staff. Very caring and friendly community, many very talented builder and fun events. Helpfull st ...

Click to see more Nov 9, 2021

A pretty rad server with a very active communtity!

Nov 9, 2021

Great community full of helpfull and friendly people. They try to prevent trolls and other nasty people from entering the server with a meticulous whi ...

Click to see more Sep 29, 2021

Awesome server! I didn't even expect that it would be that good (because of getting whitelisted in discord cause at first sight I thought it was weird ...

Click to see more Sep 28, 2021

Top notch server, great mods and good player base

Sep 27, 2021

This sever is the best, i love everyone. The community is great and the server is awesome!

Sep 27, 2021

Not true pvp, its bs these servers all lie and says they have pvp but they do not, its just some bogus arena, this games player base was way better ...

Click to see more Sep 4, 2021

One of the best communities ever! Everyone is very helpful and people can still experience vanilla progression. The events are also great at keeping t ...

Click to see more Jul 19, 2021
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Jotunheim is one of the great Valheim servers. It's been running from the start and always has a great population. Server has events, community, and m ...

Click to see more Jul 17, 2021
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