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Haugar Valheim


A friendly community of gamers came together with the same objective-having fun. to copy IP
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Feedback 100%
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PvE Modded

We are a mature, and growing community with the sole purpose of networking adult gamers together in a curated game experience. We offer multiple game servers and are even looking at expanding further in the future. If this is something that interests you, check us out and grow with us!


We're both EU and NA, the server is located in Germany. - Valheim plus needed (we can help you install this) - New characters required (max equipped up to iron age. - Active admins and staff for any help - voice active community and open to speak - 18+ (exceptions can be made if you're matured enough for your age.) - Having a mic is encouraged, not demanded. - progression can be community-based or solo

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The server and community are friendly and always there to help. Best for veteran or new joiners

Jul 28, 2021
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