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Valheim Roleplay


Roleplaying server focused on fun stories. Season 5 - Shipwrecked to copy IP
Online 15
Whitelist Yes
Feedback 100%
Player Count by hour
? ? Players
Modded PvE PvP

We are a whitelisted roleplaying server. Meet other vikings. Go on adventures. Build towns. Trade. Drink. Fish. Raid. Fight. We have implemented some changes to increase community interaction, otherwise we try to keep true to vanilla spirit.


wiki - anti cheat/grief whitelist server characters roleplaying text proximity voice chat restricted portals age progression class system lots of other small bug fixes / improvements

About the Staff

Experienced valheim server admin, server has been online since release. language: English server location: US EAST server 24/7 in google datacenter EU and USA players!

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I'm new to participating in rp. I have always wanted to, but never took the leap. I found the people involved and especially the people running it wer ...

Click to see more Sep 21, 2021

The best Server in town with the best mod selection, admins and community.

Sep 21, 2021

Love this server been on this server for nearly half a year now. The RP on this server is probably the most friendly and welcoming even to someone lik ...

Click to see more Sep 21, 2021

Fantastic roleplay server, always someone on, always great interactions. Now i've played on quiet a few servers and I will say the admins are top not ...

Click to see more Sep 21, 2021

I absolutely LOVE this server. I haven't had so much fun roleplaying in years. 10/10 - Groa

Sep 21, 2021
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