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Valheim Evolved


A carefully balanced and modded PVE server

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Welcome to Valheim Evolved, ome join us for a fresh new adventure and start building your world now. Be warned however this server is set to HARD difficulty, and is not for inexperienced players. 📘Announcing Season 2 “Sons of Odin” will begin Starting September 2nd, 3pm NA Eastern Time


Highlights: - non-server rush, everyone plays at their own pace - builder friendly, lots of building mods installed server side - groups and role-playing encouraged - server Events, Battlepass rewards - core modpack with custom installer - a lengthy allowed mods list, and you pick the QoL mods you want to make your life a little easier - Jewelcrafting, for powerful socketed weapons and gear - Soulcatcher - Rune Magic + custom NPC extension - in game economy - player quests - open marketplace - multiple traders, one for each biome - new customized and progressive weapons and armor - regenerating resources, crypts, tombs, nature - currently hosting the final three biomes, subject to Mistlands release in Q4 ...and more

About the Server

📗We try to maintain the original vanilla feeling of strife and struggle while progressively introducing new weapons, armor, and creatures so you never feel overpowered during the ever-increasing difficulty on your journey. 📒If you have only played vanilla before, or even if you have played modded, Valheim Evolved will still feel brand new in many ways. As a lot of Valheim's modded community is driven by player creativity there will be opportunities to grow and evolve the game with your ideas. 📕 If you have tried other servers where they restrict your progress, spawn trolls on your location, or generally deceive you by advertising that it's a modded server when it's really vanilla with a couple of minor tweaks, then look no further this is the real deal. Come join us and see if you can survive!

About the Staff

- server hosted on 1gbp up/down speeds - server character saves - server is carefully maintained for new updates - server is balanced for progression - Discord channel well organized with guides - and staff available to help

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