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Sunshine Alley [EU/Nor]


Sunshine alley consists of 3 servers; Progression, Main and Hell (Hardcore/PvP) to copy IP
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Whitelist Yes
Feedback 100%
Player Count by hour
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PvP PvE Modded

3 interconnected server with cross-server chat and four seasons. Main server are unlocked after progressing the game. Main server is PvE and building oriented. Hell server has no rules, forced PvP, and mobs are significantly stronger. Serverside characters with serverhopping enabled.


Four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) Progression world: - Everyone starts with a new serverside character. - Hard capped to Iron Age - Slaying Moder grants access to main world - Crypts respawn Main world - Huge castle build - Players can make their own settlements or join existing settlements - Preserving nature (no deforesting for resources) - Yagluth can be killed - Fuling in meadows Hell world - PvP enforced, no rules. - Greydwarves are tough as vanilla Fuling, and the other mobs scales up from that. - Rarity of loot drop increased. - Portals disabled - Wards do not protect buildings. Multiplanetary - Serverside characters, same character in all worlds - Players can jump between all worlds - Chat sync between all worlds - World and character backups each 30 min

About the Server

Easy installation of mod package with custom installer, not touching your original game folder. Mod summary: - Epic Loot, legendary items, bounties and treasure hunting. - Harder creatures. - Crypts and Villages respwn. - Gold based economy, player based shops, merchant buy/sell most items, player trading interface. - Shareable maps. - Wards protect buildings. - Raids not running on timer. - PvP Zones. Build inside dungeons. - Demolish boats and cart with hammer. - Various non-gamechanging QoL-mods.

About the Staff

Dedicated server admin and friendly staff

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Sunshine alley has friendly and engaged staff! They really care about their server.

Jul 19, 2021

Love the server. It has players and difficulties for anyone in any skill range. With a great community based around teamwork while still giving you an ...

Click to see more Jul 18, 2021

I've had an amazing experience here so far. Everyone I've met is friendly, and willing to help as much as they can. The mods make pve a lot easier if ...

Click to see more Jul 17, 2021

Been around since very close to when the server started, seen it through several stages of development, for up until the very end-game part. The comm ...

Click to see more Jul 17, 2021

Helpful community. A lot of content. 3 Worlds accessible thru prog Mods-(epic loot, legendary items, bounties and treasure hunting and more) Mods ...

Click to see more Jul 17, 2021

the town is amazing , smooth protal hub , good for both novice and exp player with the hardscore server. As a novice i really enjoy the shops and help ...

Click to see more Jul 17, 2021

As a novice to the game, they were very helpful to get me started. The in-game chat works smoothly, and there is always a smart brain to help you out. ...

Click to see more Jul 17, 2021

Very good and helpful community. Servers owner is knowledgeable and has own quality of life mods that he's created that don't change the game, but rat ...

Click to see more Jul 17, 2021
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