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The Bees' Decree


Join us in Chapter 4 for a uniquely curated modded experience! to copy IP
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Whitelist Yes
Feedback 100%
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PvE Modded

Come, explore, build and conquer for the Decree in an all new RPG style playthrough!

Features ⬢⬡⬢⬡🐝🍯🐝⬢⬡⬢⬡ The Bees are back in Chapter 4: The Beginning of the End with an all new RPG style playthrough to defend The Decree! ⬢ Laidback and reliable moderation. ⬡ Players from all over! ⬢ Play at your own pace; great for casuals ⬡ Server rewards to help you get started and keep going! ⬢ Copious amounts of build pieces! ⬡ Plenty of Crafting. ⬢ Tame unique creatures and even raise an army! ⬡ Buzz like a bee! ⬢ All biomes are populated and accessible. ⬡ Visit unique server built points of interest. ⬢ Fun MMORPG style playthrough. ⬡ 100's of Quests and bounties to follow. ⬢ Long Lasting Chapters! (no monthly wipes) 🍯 EZ Mod Pack Install 🍯 Simple Whitelisting 🍯 Server Characters 🍯 Better Wards 🍯 Anti-Cheat 🍯 Active Voice Chat 🍯 Custom Made Content

About the Server

We are a public whitelist modded Valheim server, open to players from across the globe! Are you ready to fend for your survival? Explore vast oceans? Construct buildings worthy of the Gods themselves? And save all the bees? Of course you are! Here at The Bees' Decree we like to focus on survival, exploration, building and simply enjoying ones self in a game we all love! You will find a uniquely curated playthrough with gear leveling systems, jewelcrafting, options to fly, fun voice acted RP quests and stories, custom build pieces and your survival skills tested! We pride ourselves on reliable and laidback moderation for we do not believe in arbitrary rules or draconian oversite of players. We believe that players who are responsible, respectful and competent are welcome to join and play freely. If so, come on in, grab a mead and check out the hive! See you flat earth side! ⬢⬡⬢⬡🐝🍯🐝⬢⬡⬢⬡

About the Staff

Server Owner: ex-mod developer gone dedi server focused. Staff: They're all some pretty cool bees spanning from US, EU and ASN.

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Amazing server! Balanced, fun mods, custom quests, great admins, and great people! Super recommended.

Aug 21, 2022

The Moderators word very hard to solve any issues that arise and are very quick to respond, the community is great, loving and very kind. I would defi ...

Click to see more Aug 14, 2022

The admin team is amazing. They spent weeks working on this world before the live launch. They built wonderful villages and added NPC with quests! The ...

Click to see more Aug 9, 2022

I have been with the Bee's Decree from Chapter 1. Each Chapter gets more in depth with gameplay and rp. This server seems to attract fun and creative ...

Click to see more Aug 9, 2022

One of my faves! Fun casual game time with very nice and attentive admin.

Aug 9, 2022

I like this server because the progress is slower and the map is well planned

Aug 9, 2022
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