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The Bees' Decree


New Chapter & Seed 5/26/22 Come join us for fresh new buzzin' adventures! to copy IP
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PvE Modded

The docks are coming along nicely at VALKEA Int.'s warehouse. They've been quite busy with the usual import and export of goods! The Bees have opened the ports to vikings whom wish to become colonist of The Bees Decree. Come, explore and build on this vast world of The Bees!


We're moderately modded geared towards building, exploration and simply enjoying ones self. :-: Laidback and reliable moderation. :-: Play at your own pace: we have no progression schedule. Play how and when you want. :-: Server rewards to help you get started and keep going! :-: Copious amounts of build pieces! :-: Plenty of Crafting. :-: Tame unique creatures. :-: All biomes are populated and accessible. :-: Visit unique server built points of interest. `EZ Mod Pack Install - Simple Whitelisting - Server Characters - AntiCheat`

About the Server

The Bees do not believe in arbitrary server rules or overextending oversite. We believe that players who are responsible, respectful and competent are welcome to join The Bees Decree to enjoy a laidback server to do as they will! Also the answer to your burning question. I use to beekeep. :D & thanks for checking us out, see you on discord!

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