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Valheim Reloaded


Welcome to join our modded 100 slot Whitelisted server. Skål!

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Modded PvE

PvE server with RPG styled gear and progression, player based economy with marketplace NPC, Vendors and Bank. Come and experience the excitement of meeting new monsters, friends and foes. Find out what kind of stats your looted items might have. Watch out for new enemies and bosses!


In Valheim Reloaded you'll now have the opportunity to explore and experiment with different types of gear enchanting and augments, aka RPG style. Instead of just a linear upgrading scale of armor and weapons you now have to plan strategically what kind of weapon you should use against what. In Reloaded you´ll face different kinds of monsters with different levels and abilities (poison, fire, frost, spirit or chaos damage). You´ll never know what to expect and what will cross your path. Events have been updated with more variations and monsters. You can apply for a whitelist to the server with easy through our discord server. Getting started is very easy with good guides on how to get started.

About the Server

Valheim Reloaded: The Extended Valheim Experience - 70+ player Slots. With a growing community - Whitelist access via discord server - Support ticket system and extensive anti-cheat. - Improved Networking and Netcode - Server sided characters with daily backups Server Features: - Player in-game economy - RPG styled gear - Village with Vendor´s and NPC´s - Deep North, Ashlands, and Mistlands are populated with resources and creatures. - Events, dungeons, raids & quests - More Building pieces and decorations - PvP Arena with No Skill Loss - Transmogrification (Coming Soon) - Unique progression paths. (Progress the way you want to. Be a farmer, warrior or chef) Tired of vanilla? Want to play with more people? Want to be a part of something evolving and have a impact on the servers development? Join Reloaded now!

About the Staff

ServerAdmin: ImpulsiveFPS#2491

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Really well put together server. Custom mod pack which is updated regularly after being tested for bugs. Mods and Staff extremally friendly, helpful a ...

Click to see more May 27, 2022

This is Probably the Best thing I have ever seen in terms of a server. The Admins are actively continuously making folks lives better and doing thing ...

Click to see more Apr 8, 2022

There is a great community, willing for trading or adventure. Server is fully loaded with mods and admin has always new ideas, which are shared and vo ...

Click to see more Apr 1, 2022

Too many servers have a player base that is toxic, broken, or disorganized. This server is turning into a RPG dream come true.. I really love the qu ...

Click to see more Mar 30, 2022

This is already proving to be a great server and I enjoy playing on Reloaded a lot. So far the people I have met have been great and they help each ot ...

Click to see more Mar 27, 2022

Awesome server with great people. The team running the server works ther buts off, more than I have ever seen on any Valheim Server! Fun server, where ...

Click to see more Mar 27, 2022

Awesome server! Really fun and a lot more to do compared to vanilla. Community is super nice and helpful! Been playing for 10 days and it has been har ...

Click to see more Mar 21, 2022
Bug Eyes11#6365

A+ There arent many modded servers that are challenging and rewarding at the same time. This server has kept the essence of vanilla, survival and st ...

Click to see more Mar 20, 2022

When I started this project I could never have imagined that it would grow to become a wholesome and loving community. It became a place of friends to ...

Click to see more Jul 17, 2021

Really helpful and friendly people in the commmunity. Always someone that can help. A lot of new things to experience which is really fun!

Jul 17, 2021
Eli Guile#2751

I love it! Incredibly challenging with a lot of different gear choices and enchantment possibilities! You can find a lot of nice items, but be prepare ...

Click to see more Jul 17, 2021
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