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Valheim Necrosyne


A Chaotic Terrifying RPG Hardmode Modded Valheim Server (Hosted in Singapore) to copy IP
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PvE Modded


Server Features: - RPG Experience: - Character Levels: You can level up your character and gain attributes point each level to enhance your character stats. - Profession Jobs: You get to pick a specific profession to enjoy the unique benefits only when you have the said profession. - Magic Classes: You can go further with RPG experience with magic skills, changing your class by sacrificing the required trophies. - Hardcore Experience: - Customized balanced but harder monster difficulty - Customized item grinding/farming environment - Customized extremely hard vanilla bosses - Trading Experience: - Marketplace NPC for you to publish sales for your extra items or hard spent effort earned precious drops - Private negotiated trading between players are encouraged - Extended Gaming Experience: - Modded gears, modded biomes, modded monsters, respawning resources, and many more to help extending the gameplay from vanilla experience.

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