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Valheim Advance RPG


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A class based, quests driven progression setup. Face the challenge of difficult monsters and dungeons as you unfold a good story that transcends to reality.


Server Features: A class based, quests driven progression setup. Select from 14 different classes and 7 professions. Disabled building by default and unlockable only via zone/territory system. Disabled all weapons and armor crafting and options only to upgrade with fixed requirements for each equipment piece. Customized armor sets exclusively for each character classes. Restricted equipment based on character level and weapon skill levels. Biomes are set to be equal making each bosses similar, abandoning the original concept of biome progression of the game. Disabled Epicloot crafting and enchantments. Enchanted gears drop from exclusive custom monsters and obtainable from all random chests on the map both default and epic loot treasure hunt.

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Taeguk - Founder Supporting Admins: Eurodisco - Assisting Admin Asura - Assisting Admin Builder Admins: Codie Artyfacts Namii Mentors: Jero Crikey Kindred Mikz Tohka

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This server is so well setup - awesome modded experience. the people that are on the server are great and SO helpful to newly starting players. I am a ...

Click to see more Apr 17, 2022

Good community.. Recommendable pve server.

Mar 21, 2022

Great Server and Friendly Admin

Feb 8, 2022
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