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Ironside Valheim


We're a clan based semi-roleplay modded server... Who needs Valhalla anyways?

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Hail Nords! I am a part of a great community known as Ironside Valheim. We are a Modded, Semi-RP dedicated server out of the US. Our server has been around for several months and has a friendly, active player base. And we have JUST refreshed with a new map! There couldn’t be a better time to join.


Here are some things we currently offer! - Organized Clans - Clan territories each with their own Clan Law - Expansive PVP system - A stable economy with NPC Vendors & Player Vendors - Custom lore intertwined with Valheim lore - Events - Raids - Feasts - Friendly staff & community always willing to help - New build pieces, bounty system, horses, and beast pulled carts - New weapon overhaul - Backpacks and basements - MANY new food items - New things to farm & several server tweaks with V+

About the Server

At Ironside we aim to create a living, breathing world within Valheim. Our players have clans and guilds that they pour their hearts into - and our staff work tirelessly to keep the world ever evolving. More than anything, we love playing together and are excited to have you come join us. Skal!

About the Staff

We have a fantastic staff that will address any questions or problems within 24 hours, guaranteed.

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