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Aetchheim is a community made up of builders, vikings and explorers looking to expand the gameplay through cooperation and friendly competition. We dont tolerate any form of greifing, trolling or toxicity and have active moderators and frequent world saves to protect your work.


Aetchheim is a new, quickly growing Valheim community with over 50 active members across at least three different time zones. We're looking to open our community to friendly vikings, builders, and explorers who are interested in expanding their vanilla experience in a social setting. We have a variety of groups on at almost all times working on new settlements, conquests and discoveries as we await the Mistlands that legends speak of. We hope to see you in Aetchheim, Skal!

About the Staff

I've always loved online games, even now i have trouble picking up a title if its not being played by someone else, or at least talked about. This is a very unfortunate habit of mine as majority of the great games are really small indie developments. With the MMO genre at an all time decline and many online experiences becoming a hollow shell of their franchises former glory, I saw potential in Valheim to become more than a game for a few friends. I saw it as the perfect opportunity for strangers to build a community, and a community to build a place to come home to. I hope Aetchheim can continue to be a place where vikings can come, unwind, meet new friends, drink mead, and slay ugly beasts!

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