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Community based & active! Complete with a resource server & tons eager to help!

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Cyberheim is a Vanilla server backed by a paid host so the server performs at it's best! Our server host is in North American (Central). - Portal Hub directly at spawn - Starting gear/items for those that are behind - Frequent expeditions to explore more!

About the Server

Cyberheim features multiple players of varying skill levels from beginners who just bought the game last week, all the way to veterans! Our community is 18+, friendly, active, and always in voice chat to banter and discuss your adventures you're taking your vikings on. We progress as a server and everyone is able and ready to help out our neighbors! There is a small screening process when you join - from there, it's smooth sailing! Server started Sep 16th. No armor further than Iron is allowed at this time until we are approaching Moder. Quality of life mods allowed. Our progression so far is first two bosses down and Bonemass planned for Oct 1 (Friday). Have any questions? DM me :)! kenzers#2196

About the Staff

Cyberheim is brought to you by Kaz who has experience running servers in other games such as Minecraft, as well! Our team consists of Co-Owner Mercy (me! kenzers) and our dedicated staff team: Salty, Jack and Gandorf. All of our staff are active and happy to help.

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