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XDRX Outerheim


pure vanilla fun, no mods required! events, clans & more to copy IP
Online offline
Whitelist No
Feedback 75%
Player Count by hour
? ? Players
Unmodded PvE Small

Greetings, you are looking for an established and active community with reliable servers? You want to play the vanilla game without the hassle of installing & updating mods, but you would still like to benefit from server side features like base-protection or increased-slots? Join us now!


- VANILLA no mods required. graphical & UI Mods allowed - dedicated hardware | 24/7 online | backups - dev team | exclusive serverside improvements for better experience - anticheat | increased slots | base protection - active community | RP friendly | community events - clans and guilds - gold based economy | central trademarket | quests

About the Server

Welcome to Outerheim, our public Valheim server! Free for all, join our discord and start playing. Show us some dedication and get access to our whitelist server Innerheim.

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It's a lovely server! Vanilla, and a pretty place. It's a friendly and helpful community. Xdrx is a perfect place to play Valheim.

Feb 8, 2022

Excellent servers and a great community. My experience in the community and on the servers has been excellent and the moderators do a fantastic job of ...

Click to see more Sep 8, 2021

Server uses a public and a whitelist server to keep the griefers away. Griefers do get on the public server, but that just means it serves its purpose ...

Click to see more Jul 18, 2021

Daily griefing as their IP and password is public knowledge.

Jul 18, 2021
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