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Midgard Vanilla Valheim

na to copy IP
Online offline
Whitelist Yes
Feedback None
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? ? Players
PvE Unmodded Small

Looking for an amazing, welcoming Valheim community?


– Simplistic Valheim with a warm community open to those who enjoy normality – Fresh Server – Opened May 5th! – Dedicated Moderators & Admins to ensure your security on the server – Buy & Trade discord channels – Yagluth disabled Join in on the fun in community events, boss fights, and much more!

About the Server

We have a large community of 1,500 members open to all! Join Unova Legends! Our network has some of the top servers based on Valheim public servers! Alfheim, our MMO server, hit NUMBER 1 in America, according to Battle Metrics statistics on March 30th!

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