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XDRX Innerheim


pure vanilla fun, no mods required! events, clans & more to copy IP
Online offline
Whitelist Yes
Feedback 88%
Player Count by hour
? ? Players
Unmodded PvE Small

Greetings, you are looking for an established and active community with reliable servers? You want to play the vanilla game without the hassle of installing & updating mods, but you would still like to benefit from server side features like base-protection or increased-slots? Join us now!


- VANILLA no mods required. graphical & UI Mods allowed - dedicated hardware | 24/7 online | backups - dev team | exclusive serverside improvements for better experience - anticheat | increased slots | base protection - active community | RP friendly | community events - clans and guilds - gold based economy | central trademarket | quests

About the Server

Welcome to Innerheim, our whitelist Valheim server!

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XDRX is a high quality server that puts in massive effort to create epic content!

Sep 30, 2021

Ive been on the XDRX server for 4 months now since May; and the people, community here has been the things keeping me hooked on Valheim this long; gre ...

Click to see more Sep 9, 2021

I've played on several servers now and xdrx gave me the greatest, longest and also last experience of Valheim. I got everything I wanted/expected from ...

Click to see more Jul 20, 2021

Im playing on this server for roughly a month and must say it has awensome community, qests to do(write by some of the players),events,clans and many ...

Click to see more Jul 19, 2021

Been playing on the server for a while now. I really like the community and have made many friends here. They make events every once in a while which ...

Click to see more Jul 18, 2021

Been playing on XDRX for a bit and the community is awesome. The admins are active & helpful. They really do make people feel welcome as long as you d ...

Click to see more Jul 18, 2021

Don’t waste your time with this server. Both reviews are from the people running the server and they will treat you very poorly if you don’t like you.

Jul 18, 2021

Greetings. My name is Jarl Gord. My time with XDRX has been a great, positive experience. If you're looking for a place to call home, with plenty of f ...

Click to see more Jul 17, 2021

Hail, warriors! Knud here. Been playing on this server exlcusively for almost three months now and sure can say it provides all I need and want in ter ...

Click to see more Jul 17, 2021
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