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Allegiant Games Builders

Allegiant Games Builders Server. Creative server that will reset yearly. to copy IP
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We offer Creative, Modded and Non-Modded on high-end dedicated servers hosted in the US, with NPC's, quests, leveling and new monsters. Mature and friendly community.


Builders Server - Modded to allow users to freely build in creative mode

About the Server

Allegiant Games was started by a group of several friends who are also gamers. Many of us have been in Information Technology for some time and have other websites so we decided to create our own gaming server. "Allegiant" Means Loyal and Faithful. After playing on multiple servers, we wanted to have a server where everyone is equal and part of the community. The admins are playing the game with you on Allegiant Games because we love the game!

About the Staff

Experienced Games and Information Technology Professionals

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