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Valhermit EU Server


Servers for Solo players. NA, EU. Lightly Modded. to copy IP
Online offline
Whitelist Yes
Feedback None
Player Count by hour
? ? Players
PvE Modded Small

The NA and EU Valhermit servers provide an opportunity for players who prefer solo play to enjoy Valheim in a populated world.


NA and EU with ServerSide Characters Disabled Base Raids allow for Solo Progression Lightly Modded with a Vanilla feel

About the Server

The two Valhermit servers welcome builders, explorers, and those who just enjoy spending time immersed in the beauty of Valheim. The goal of these new servers is to provide a close-to-vanilla PVE experience wherein players can progress at their own pace within a world occupied by other players. As strange as a "server of hermits" might sound, those who appreciate exploration might also appreciate the discovery of structures created by other players, or perhaps the aftermath of a battle with a troll. Likewise, builders might appreciate the opportunity to build for others, whether that's an entire trading village or a simple hut outside their ward to comfort travelers. Sometimes it's the simple interactions that create meaningful gameplay. For more information, join our discord or message Armakoir.

About the Staff

Both servers are operated by myself, Armakoir. I'm truly impressed by Valheim and find it a relaxing way to spend my evenings after work. In my solo playthroughs, I start a fresh character in a random starting location after disabling my portals and ingame map, amongst other immersion changes. On the EU server I'll be doing the same (minus the disabled portals) and if a hermit server sounds appealing to you, maybe we'll run into each other sometime.

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