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A lightly modded semi-map experience for fraggles, muppets and pleasant folk. to copy IP
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Are you a viking muppet or a muppet of a viking? Dedicated server based in UK for good pings to UK and Europe, all welcome. Focused primarily on building and want to give you a place where you can be sure an admin won't trash your build and you'll have the chance to work on community builds too.


Fragnarok is: * 24/7 server hosted in the UK for great ping to UK / EU 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 * A higher difficulty than regular vanilla when out and about - but not when building. * A semi-vanilla experience - very few item and npc additions, only where they make sense. * Focused on building - your long term vanilla home, village and community builds. * A friendly environment - being social and building with the community is encouraged. What do we mean by semi-map when focused on exploration? * No full-sized map, cartography tables, or vegvisir stone maps. * You have a compass and the mini-map (which cannot be zoomed). * We encourage you to paint, draw, Inkarnate your own maps. What do we mean by increased difficulty when focused on building? * Mob difficulty increased with special effects and magic imbuements. * Boss difficulty increased with special effects and magic imbuements. * Boss shrines can only be used once every 3 hours. * Boss kills do not cause raid events to happen.

About the Server

The main focus of the server is building and exploration. Mob difficulty has been ramped up beyond vanilla in creative ways; event raids do not happen to respect the core focus - building. Build your dream build; new player friendly. We're not trying to compete with others and this isn't for influencer fame or to build a side hustle. A server free from "my playstyle is better than your playstyle." You're welcome to be on this server as well as others. That's why we use a modpack via r2modman. There's plenty of other Valheim servers that offer hundreds of extra items and amazingly altered experiences; ours is lightly modded and seeking good folk for an enjoyable time. If you're like us; over 25 and have a job (or not) and/or busy with your family, but want to squeeze in some Valheim time when you can - build your dream home and contribute to some community builds, fight the boss when you're ready and not worry about "the ground is shaking." - then come on down to Fragnarok!

About the Staff

"Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves."

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